Where We Came From

The DC National Lawyers Guild has contributed to progressive politics in Washington DC since the NLG was first founded at a meeting in Woodley Park in 1937. The NLG was the first racially integrated legal association in the country, and the DC Guild, along with chapters all over the country, works to sustain that legacy, involving itself in struggles for civil rights, human rights, economic, social, and cultural rights.

Who We Are

The DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is a composite of lawyers, legal workers, and law students. Members, in their jobs or in their "free" time, practice criminal defense, immigration law, civil litigation, work for non-profits, defend civil rights, fight the death penalty, defend veterans rights, and much more.

NLG members provide legal support for Defendants arrested in Nov 2011 Occupation of DC's currently empty Franklin Shelter.

2000 P Street, NW #415, Washington, DC 20036 info@dcnlg.org